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Still alive!

For those of you who don’t have access, I’ve been putting more images on the Facebook page rather than here. There is a two-fold reason : 1. It’s looking ever more likely that I will be letting this site go … Continue reading


Finally had some good weather, I have managed to get 5 goliath ganger sprayed up for my return to Necromunda. Hopefully will get painting in the next few days. Cheers

A camera test.

Site problems

The site was down for a few hours today due to a botched update. Problem should now be resolved Thanks

A few random thoughts.

  So I haven’t done any painting yet even though I said I would try. Problem is I have painters block and with so many minis around me I can’t decide what to paint. So what can I do? Do … Continue reading

Hello world!

As has died and gone to hell, this is my new space on the net. Took me a while to get it up but its finally here! If I can recover the missing files and posts from the old … Continue reading

Testing New Features

Just testing a new feature, move along now 😉 Honestly nothing to see here 😛