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State of the site

Hi all, Happy New Year!!! It’s been two months since I last updated and kept the background structure of the site up and running. I’ve come back tonight to let you know that everything is still working fine on the site front it’s just my lack of hobby that’s kept me off. Now I have […]

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Hi all, I know I’ve been quiet on the updates for the past 2 months this has been due to me attending a few LARP events and not having enough time or content to actually post up. I’m currently back painting Orks for commission and will photograph a few when I have finished more of […]

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The Result!

As I mentioned I went to the Black Dragon tournament for bolt Action this Saturday just gone. First of all I’d like to say thank you to the guys at Black Dragon for hosting such a friendly event from their excellent store, If you are in Hinckley go give them a visit! Right onto the […]

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No Game but here’s a Universal Carrier…

There was no game this week so the Bat-rep is on hold for the moment. I’ve been busy painting ready for the Black Dragon Bolt Action Tournament #2 this weekend, nothing too fancy just troops painted quickly with base colours and washed with Army Painter strong tone for definition. I have however painted my Bolt […]

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No Game this week!

There was no game this week so no batrep to post, hopefully there will be a game this coming Tuesday so I can take photos and do the battle report then. We will be playing the new Terminator Genisys game in a few weeks so I’ll let you know how that plays too! Thanks for […]

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Game night!

I thought I would share a couple of photo’s from tonight’s game of Mars Attacks which I picked up at Mantic’s open day a few weeks ago. The game is easy to pick up and play, it’s been compared to a stripped down version of Deadzone but without the problems that come up with Initiative. […]

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Timely Update!

It’s almost been a month since the last update, sorry about that! I have been painting, mainly Ork Bikers (I now see them in my sleep 😀 ), I’ve also painted (very quickly) some of my British troops for Bolt Action using base colours and Army Painter strong tone ink. Another reason it’s been a […]

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I’m back!

After injuring my back I’ve had a bit of time to recuperate and have now got 3 more Ork bikers done for the commission. One of them does have a left arm for a right arm (nothing to do with me guv!) but it’s easily explained as a bad Mad Doc job 😀 I’ve also […]

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As some of you know I suffer with not only mental health issues but a bad case of Sciatica, which for those of you who don’t know is a bad back condition caused by nerves getting trapped. It causes all sorts of woes from not being able to walk to loss of sleep. Why am […]

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Update on Health.

As I posted previously, I’ve not been in the best health as of late what with constant headaches and being sick Tuesday. I’m on the mend and should be painting again on Sunday. Keep checking back I may update sooner if possible. Thanks!

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