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Necromunda Sale

It’s with a heavy heart I say fare-thee-well to what has been my favourite Games Workshop game: Necromunda. It’s due to GW’s neglect and decision to stop production on the miniatures and game which has pre-empted the sale. So if … Continue reading

So that’s how many?

Well i’ve finally done it, I finally painted my big 40k Ork boy unit. Although I’ve only done 20 of them at the moment that is more than enough for now. To be honest it was the painting of that … Continue reading

Off you go little ones!

Just a quick post to say that i’ve added a new gallery for “museum” pieces such as my Warhammer Goblins, which you can see in the new gallery and to say that one of the Regiments is currently on sale … Continue reading

Selling some old stuff

I’ve currently put up some 40k promo items i’ve had for nigh on 13 years, they include a 40k  imperial coin and a necron examination table. Both have low starting prices compared to some sellers over on ebay and the … Continue reading