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Black Reach Ork Warboss

The brushes have been out and this time i’ve been painting the Ork Warboss from “The Assault on Black Reach” box set. I’ve enjoyed painting him up even though it’s only to a tabletop standard. I reckon he’ll be leading … Continue reading

So that’s how many?

Well i’ve finally done it, I finally painted my big 40k Ork boy unit. Although I’ve only done 20 of them at the moment that is more than enough for now. To be honest it was the painting of that … Continue reading

Getting back on the bike again!

Hiya all, the website seems to be sorted and back to working health. So I thought i’d share a w.i.p with you all to show that i’ve once again picked up a brush in anger 🙂 I used the Ork … Continue reading

More Necromunda!

  After even more digging around I found some more old minis. The Ratskin Scout was the FIRST Necromunda miniature I painted for myself, when I worked for GW I managed to get him 3 months before release which led … Continue reading


Speaking of Necromunda, I found my Redemptionists I painted way back in 1996/1997 out from the depths of one of my cases. At the time I thought they were painted brilliantly, although by todays standard they are anything but 😀 … Continue reading


He’s small and green, got a bad temper and a mate who is a little squiggly thingie. Theres only one grumpy gobbo who fits the bill and I present with much adoration of his Gobbyness… …Gobbledigook!

More sculpt pictures and Stompa work.

As promised heres a better picture of Gobbledigook’s best mate Nibblit; Also for you lot is the (almost complete) Stompa I made. I’ll have pictures of the finished Gobbledigook by the end of the week.

A couple of things…

I’ll start with the fact that yesterday we got script kiddied again, some shit added malicious code to 3 files in the site so if your computer is acting up since the 16th of March do a virus scan. I … Continue reading

Grot Tutorial is up!

As the title says the Grot quickpaint tutorial is up, hope its some help!

Grotz, in a jiffy!

Been spending a little time at my local Games Workshop and spent my time painting Grotz, as I have a lot of them to do I wanted to figure out a quick way of painting them that would still leave … Continue reading