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Been very busy this week painting Ork Boyz for my 30 ork strong Shoota unit for Warhammer 40k. Got 5 done this week and when the wife is back at work i’ll get (hopefully) another 10 done. The unit is upto 8 painted boys so only another 22 to do, which isn’t a lot when […]

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A stompa…again!

Well what with the release of the new stompa from Games Workshop being less than a month away, I was inspired to churn out another design for a new stompa, i’m no way decrying Gw’s Stompa…oh no! I’ll be having one of those as well. Just wanted to make another stompa out of my remaining […]

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Ben has been a busy Z!

Ben Brownlies been painting like a whirlwind and has got a load of Zombies up on show in his gallery. A few of them can be seen here! I’ve been trying to get Ben to post here himself, but i’ll keep you updated on his work until he decides to join us.

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Looted Trukk Up on Sale!

My friend Tobsen has finally got his webstore up and running and now you can buy(what I dubbed) the Looted Trukk(see the gallery) directly from him. The kit itself is great value and as you will see from my pictures here and over at Tobsen’s site they aren’t small and fit very well in an […]

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