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New page and content

I’ve added the page Necromunda Misc to the site and updated it’s content. Now there is a page for every Necromunda Wal’s Hole Tribune that was made in the early 2000’s. No doubt when the campaign begins for the new Necromunda Underhive there will be more made and shared. Cheers!

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More Necromunda

As I mentioned previously, I was assembling the new Necromunda miniatures from the box set. Well mission accomplished! All 20 minis are made up to the gang specifications of the box set. Sadly I’ve no pictures yet, but following is a picture of 3 great minis that are going to be released for a short […]

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Necromunda Underhive gameplay

Had chance to take a good look and play the new Necromunda Underhive game today with my friend Dan. We played mission 1 from the new rulebook he played the Escher and I took on the terrible responsibility of the Goliath gang. Gameplay is fast, and very different to the old system. The game seems […]

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Absentee Painter. Necromunda Update.

Well it’s been a few months again and I’ve not been able to paint anything due to the freezing cold (my house doesn’t have central heating), so as it’s started to warm up a bit I will get back to painting stuff soon. Well I bit the bullet and purchased Necromunda: Underhive from Element Games […]

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My thoughts on the new Necromunda

As most of you will be aware there’s a new version of Necromunda coming out, “Great!” I hear you cry, and yes, I agree! The box contents have been revealed and instead of 3d scenery the box will contain a flat playmat that represents Necromunda’s tunnels and pipe system. Not bad, just not that great. […]

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Sunday Update

Well it’s been almost a week since I finished off the Dad’s Army miniatures and there is a group shot of them in their uniforms as well as the Vicar and Verger, photos aren’t great as I’m now getting used to the new light box I brought and need to set the camera up for […]

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Necromunda Sale

It’s with a heavy heart I say fare-thee-well to what has been my favourite Games Workshop game: Necromunda. It’s due to GW’s neglect and decision to stop production on the miniatures and game which has pre-empted the sale. So if you shhot over to Ebay and you have a hankering for some Necromunda minis or […]

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Inspiration: Necromunda 2

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Inspiration: Necromunda

Urban decay from the movie Gomorrah based in Caserta, Italy.

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Top Ten Necromunda Miniatures Part 2

As promised heres the final part of my top ten Necromunda miniatures:   5. Skavvy King Redwart 4. Mad Donna Ulanti 3. Scummer with two Bolt Pistols.   2. The Arch Zealot of the Redemption     And finally we get to NUMBER 1!!!! Oh, it might shock you!   1. Orlok Heavy with Heavy […]

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