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Top Ten Necromunda Miniatures Part 1

Heres my top ten of my favourite Necromunda miniatures. You might agree or may not, if you don’t compile your own up, it would be interesting to see what others think!   10. Cawdor Heavy with Heavy Bolter 9. Scummer With Plasma Pistol 8. Ratskin Brave with Handbow 7. Escher Leader 1   6. Ratskin […]

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More Necromunda!

  After even more digging around I found some more old minis. The Ratskin Scout was the FIRST Necromunda miniature I painted for myself, when I worked for GW I managed to get him 3 months before release which led to my gang getting a head start on fiding new territories over everyone else. The […]

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Speaking of Necromunda, I found my Redemptionists I painted way back in 1996/1997 out from the depths of one of my cases. At the time I thought they were painted brilliantly, although by todays standard they are anything but 😀 I happened to win GW Walsall then the Midland’s Brass Nurgling Competition with them, never […]

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Why I love….Necromunda!

I was thinking about Necromunda recently, about what made it such a rich game. What made it so enjoyable and most of all why it left an idellible impression on me as a gamer. So I thought I would do a post here and just have a ramble about it. What originally got me into […]

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