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Necromunda Orlock Ganger #2 – Finished

Well here’s a surprise! A ganger done in one sitting, with only a break for food and drink! I really enjoyed painting this guy and I’m looking forward to the next one, which won’t be until next Monday unfortunately as … Continue reading

Necromunda Orlock Ganger #1 – Final

Actually finished this guy in a few days, the W.I.P is on my Facebook page. Again, these are a real pleasure to paint and I will be working on the 3rd Orlock tomorrow. Cheers!

Necromunda Orlock Leader – Finished

I’ve had a great late afternoon/early evening painting this guy! Was such a pleasure to paint so I just got on with it. I’m looking forward to painting more of the Orlocks and hope that they are as nice as … Continue reading

Necromunda Orlock Leader – W.I.P #1

I’ve actually started my Orlock gang for Necromunda, even though the arm set has turned up from Forge World. As usual, I have started with the Leader. I’m really liking the minis, not only were they amazing to assemble, but … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #9 – Final

That’s all of them done! I’ll try to do a group picture as soon as is possible. I’m now really happy with the gang, and they have been fighting at Board In Brum’s Necromunda campaign called “Harmony Spiral”. First game … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #8 – Final

After a small absence, I’ve finished this little guy! The last standard gang member is on the paint handle, the only question is; will my Forge World order turn up so I can continue the gang or will I end … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #8 W.I.P #1

It’s hot! SO freaking hot! My paints have been drying too quickly on the palette! Here’s the flesh on Ganger #8 that I have managed to get done. He’s got some awkward angles on him so if you are painting … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #7 – Final

OK so I’ve been lax in updating with the works in progress on this one but if you head over to my Facebook page you’ll be able to see the progress shots. I’ve enjoyed painting this ganger, and I’m super … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #6 Final

He’s done! To be fair he hasn’t turned out too bad either. Now onto the Renderizer Goliath! Cheers!

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #6 W.I.P #3

Even though I dislike him, he’s actually coming together. Not too much to do to him after the metal is finished. As I said, he’s not looking too bad now other colours have been put on him, at least he’ll … Continue reading