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Bane Thralls 3

Been busy on the Cryx Bane Thralls and the basic work on the whole unit is now done ready for the Journeyman League at Warlords of Walsall. I started to do some more work to the unit leader first so … Continue reading

Bane Thralls 2

I’ve been busy painting up the Bane Thralls quickly for use in the Warlords of Walsall Journeyman League. I’ve now got 5 completed and 1 1/2 done. The fifth one was painted using a visual aid called an Optivisor, now … Continue reading

Bane Thralls

Just a quick update on what I’m upto. I’ve just got a box of the new plastic Bane Thralls and have got to say for resin/plastic they are very good, they fit together nicely and have primered up well. I’ve … Continue reading

Another Asphyxious picture

Slightly better light this time. Thanks again for viewing!

Finished Asphyxious

Having just reworked the OSL slightly I’m now posting the first photo of pGaspy for you to look at. He looks a lot better in real life than this photo so I really need to sort my lamp out and … Continue reading

pGaspy (That’s Asphyxious to you!) W.I.P

Been off the paints for a few days and got the itch to paint up pGaspy for my Cryx army. Enjoyed what I’ve done so far, and since the picture was taken I have finished the main paint job on … Continue reading

Another Mechanithrall

I’ve now almost finished the Mechanithrall unit of 6, with only basing to do to finish the minis. Heres a quick piccie of one of the last minis: Got some good news in that I’m getting a lamp soon and … Continue reading

Two more Mechanithralls WIP

Two more Works in Progress here with the Mechanithrall unit gaining two more members. I’ll post the finished unit up when I have the new lamp. Sorry about the terrible photos once again I’m playing with settings on the camera … Continue reading

Cryx Mechanithrall

I’ve been painting again, this time a Cryx Mechanithrall using the same technique I mentioned in the post before. The flesh was a basecoat of P3 Thrall flesh, washed with GW Seraphim Sepia, highlighted with P3 Thrall Flesh and the … Continue reading

My eyesight, lighting and Gaming standard miniatures.

Now it’s no secret that my eyesight isn’t what it used to be and painting in any light other than a direct white light is pointless if I want to achieve a display quality. So I’m having at the moment … Continue reading