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I really love Privateer Press!

Got to say it, as it’s very true; I do love Privateer Press. Not only do they produce a set of kick ass games and miniatures but their customer service is second to none! Recently I brought a Deathjack off Ebay, when it arrived I found most of it’s parts were missing, unhappy McGobbo! One […]

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Two little Bile Thralls

I’ve now painted two Bile Thralls and based them (although the lip of the bases need tidying up). Skarre is in the works and should be done soon. As always thanks for looking!

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Paint slapping on the Cryx

I’ve actually been painting! It’s a shock to me and I’ve spent an hour or two painting a Cryx Bile Thrall. I’m happy with how it looks especially as I’ve only done a quick-ish job on it to break my painters block. Got to base the blighter now!

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The haul!

Well the ebay sales are over and I’ve now managed to get enough money together to buy a shed load of Cryx miniatures for Warmachine. The haul consists of: 1 box of Bile Thralls 2 Leviathan/Harrower/Defiler Helljack kits 1 box of Satyxis Raiders 1 box of Blackbanes Ghost Crew 1 Box of Revenant Crew 1 […]

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