More Necromunda!


Ratskins, not easily swayed by cheese!


After even more digging around I found some more old minis. The Ratskin Scout was the FIRST Necromunda miniature I painted for myself, when I worked for GW I managed to get him 3 months before release which led to my gang getting a head start on fiding new territories over everyone else. The Brave was painted the year after and is one of the Perry’s best Necromunda minis (I’ll do a top ten classic Necro mini blog soon).


This Bounty Hunter was painted in ’95 as well. Perhaps I ought to strip him and start again? He was painted in the days I used Snakebite Leather as a basecoat for flesh.
I also took more pictures of my Necro scenery and of Violencia, my Goliath gang as the original pictures were lost when the server crashed.

Posted: July 20, 2011 at 12:14 pm

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