Sunday non-Update!

No painting to update on sadly, just a quick post to say “bye” to my Orks who are going to a new home tomorrow

ork01.jpgOver the many years of ownership of my Waaagh they have served me well with an overwhelming 21 wins with only 3 losses. So you may wonder why I’m letting them go? The answer is simple: Games Workshop have changed Warhammer 40000 too much too quickly (E.G. The switch from 6th to 7th in 1 year) and it left me with a sour taste in my mouth, also I no longer have the space for them as other game systems become more prevalent.


Will I miss them? Yes I will. I will probably want them back a week after they are gone but that will pass.
As they say it’s time to move on and let the past go, so with that in mind I bid “adieu” to my favourite 40k army and sole reason for playing that game.

Thanks for reading!

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