Sunday Blog.

Not really a painting update merely a quick blog.

It’s been a busy week here what with playing a 750 point Bolt Action game as well as having the scenery arrive for it on the day of the battle. With that I’ve had no time to paint. I feel like a case of painter’s block is setting in again, but this time I need to break it quickly as I have a commission to paint more Orks for the new owner of my Orks. It’ll be a big task and one I hopefully should be able to do without much trouble as Orks are my favourite 40k race.
With that in mind I’ll need to be painting a few of my Bolt Action British up as well to break any monotony that might set in, so I’ll probably undercoat my Sherman Firefly ready in the next few days (weather permitting!).

I’ll update on Wednesday unless I have something to show you sooner 😀

Thanks again.

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