Top Ten Necromunda Miniatures Part 2

As promised heres the final part of my top ten Necromunda miniatures:


5. Skavvy King Redwart

King Redwart, I know its cheating and he was unreleased but he's a great miniature and deserves to be in the top 5.

4. Mad Donna Ulanti

This is a controversial choice as many didn't like her. She made my top 4 for being different to the Escher available, and having her own character rather than a rogue escher.

3. Scummer with two Bolt Pistols.


I shouldn't have to mention why he's made the top 3. Needless to say in 1995 there were numerous "Crow" conversions of him.

2. The Arch Zealot of the Redemption



One of the highest detailed minis in the whole Necromunda line.

And finally we get to NUMBER 1!!!! Oh, it might shock you!


1. Orlok Heavy with Heavy Bolter


This guy oozes power, he epitomizes everything that a Necromundan heavy should be; big, bulky and able to wield a heavy weapon like its a las pistol. Theres too much to this mini not to like and was shamefully replaced when the new Orlock miniatures came out.

So there you go, 10 of my all time favourite Necromunda miniatures! I can see that there will be disagreements, but these are the ones that stood out for me.

With appologies to CCMwiki for stealing the pictures off their site, I have rehosted them here rather than leaching bandwidth 😀

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