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Hi all,
Happy New Year!!!
It’s been two months since I last updated and kept the background structure of the site up and running. I’ve come back tonight to let you know that everything is still working fine on the site front it’s just my lack of hobby that’s kept me off.
Now I have been assembling some German Grenadiers for Bolt Action and playing games of Deadzone, I just need to get back to painting. This is where my woes were! As you may recall I was doing a commission for a friend for 40k Orks, this went by the wayside due to migraines and headaches that kept striking even with the Opti-visor. It turns out I needed new glasses so I have done just that and will when the weather permits (UK based people will know what I mean currently) get my Germans undercoated and start painting them.
As soon as this is possible I’ll get images up of them and their tanks.
Thanks for being patient and keeping up with me!


Posted: January 3, 2016 at 9:10 pm

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