My thoughts on the new Necromunda

As most of you will be aware there’s a new version of Necromunda coming out, “Great!” I hear you cry, and yes, I agree!
The box contents have been revealed and instead of 3d scenery the box will contain a flat playmat that represents Necromunda’s tunnels and pipe system. Not bad, just not that great. To me Necromunda is about the sprawling hive city, the industrial decay and rot as well as shanty towns, granted GW have got the scenery that was released with Shadow War: Armageddon and that’s cool. But others have now produced cheaper alternative scenery in the form of MDF wooden scenics. So we can be sorted for scenery quite cheaply, which in all fairness is great.
Onto the miniatures: From what we have seen already the box set has the first two factions as Escher and Goliath and they look superb! Everything is apparently modular on them even the hair…

Image (C) Games Workshop, used without permission.

So I’m looking forwards to November when it gets its re-release, I will be investing just so I can recreate my old gang “Violencia”, here’s hoping the rules are still as good!

Posted: September 26, 2017 at 10:40 pm

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