Getting back on the bike again!

Hiya all, the website seems to be sorted and back to working health. So I thought i’d share a w.i.p with you all to show that i’ve once again picked up a brush in anger 🙂

It's not the Incredible Hulk!

I used the Ork skin spray from Army Painter which I brought along with some of the new Mantic Kings of War Orc Gore Riders (which are top notch minis for the price IMHO). I used Citadel Thraka Green and Badab Black mixed 50/50 to make deep shading then used Vallejo Model color medium olive to start highlighting. I added small bits of Vallejo Model Color Golden Yellow upto the final highlight. This time rather than going for a realistic gradient I wanted to define the muscles with lines to make them stand out more. I think it works on the arm and i’ll crack on with the rest of him soon, along with some Mantic Orcs for fun.

As always thanks for reading!

Posted: October 10, 2011 at 1:47 pm

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