Review: Dust Tactics Revised Core Set

I’ve been “umming” and “ahhhing” about getting Dust Tactics since its release and now we have a new revised edition with all new miniatures and floor plans, so I decided to pick it up.

Dust Tactics

On unboxing I was presented firstly with 2 fold out “poster” floor plans which are the playing area, I must admit i’m not a huge fan of poster style playing areas and would have prefered card boards. The design of the floor plans though are very nice and clear to understand for gaming. Next out of the box was the rules and campaing setting called “Victory Bridge”. The rulebook is clear, well laid out and very easy to understand. In fact the game is nowhere near as complicated as it could have been. Both books are in a “LP” size format (for those of you too young to know what an LP is, it is one of those big CDs :D) and full colour.
Game content wise you get card terrain markers, unit cards, 2 tank traps and 2 crates, 6 special dice and a whole heap of minis. This is what i’m most interested in.
You get 30 miniatures in the box, all are new to this set and have yet to see a general release outside of it. The quality of detail is very good although one downside is when I removed the troopers from the containing small boxes some had bent weapons, these were sorted out by holding the minis over a steaming kettle and then pinching the weapon back to shape. The mechs are great, especially the axis walker that reminds me of a German WW2 armoured transport. The Allied walker looks like it is walking on tiptoes but the overall design is different to other mechs out there (eg. Gear Krieg, Secrets of the Third Reich).
The games strength is in its simple gameplay, with initiative being rolled for each turn then unit activation. Unlike the standard YGIG (You Go I Go) games each side takes turns in activating units, and the opponent can also attempt react in your activation so the game has a more realistic feel. Initiative and all other rolls are worked out using the special dice which are six sided with 2 target symbols.

I’ve played the first two “Victory Bridge” scenarios with my friend Dan and they have played fast and fun with no arguments on rules, everything is made simple so theres no need for bickering as in some systems. So after 2 games am I hooked? The answer is: Yes! and a resounding one at that. I’ve already purchased both an axis and ally medium mech to use and trully am looking forward to another game.

Playability: 9
Looks: 9
Value: 8
Longevity: 8
Overall: 8.5

Posted: October 17, 2011 at 7:04 am

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