So that’s how many?

Well i’ve finally done it, I finally painted my big 40k Ork boy unit. Although I’ve only done 20 of them at the moment that is more than enough for now. To be honest it was the painting of that unit that started my slide away from wanting to paint, i’d look at the mass of minis and dread would fill me. Well they are out of the way and i’m going to move onto finishing the Assault on Black Reach Ork Boss I started before we moved, I may even finish the Deff Dred I started too…well maybe 😉

I’m still selling stuff on Ebay now under the name of goblin_ink, so if you search for that name you should find some stuff for sale, if not check back a day or so later.

Over on Frothers, Dags is organising the yearly charity drive for Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer Research. The freebie figure this year is called “Sascha” and they are down to the last 20 minis available so if you would like one please donate! You can donate by these links below:

MS Society:

Cancer Research:

No matter what your feelings on the subject of Frothers is, you have to give them credit for being generous.

Posted: November 7, 2011 at 9:53 am

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