Been caught painting!

Well I said I would paint more minis, but it’s under different circumstances to what I actually said. Rather than use my new prescription glasses which seem to give me good long distance viewing but unfocused close up, I chose to wear my old glasses and get on with painting. The picture that follows is a army standard paint job with the new Ork flesh scheme i’m using (I’ll post how I do it after the picture). As you may have noticed the mini is in desert camo and will be added to the 20 man squad along with others to bring it upto the full 30Ork squad I always wanted.
I’ve also got a blue/black camo to post up which I’ll post just under the desert camo.

"Ready fer kicking Oomie butt Sir!"

"Me too, but wheres me skwod?!"

Onto the business of the skin:
I used Citadel Snot green as a base, washed it with Citadel Thraka Green then touched it back up with Snot Green to brighten up the hight points, lastly I mixed 50/50 snot green and Citadel Rotting Flesh and lined muscles and highlighted certain points. Finally using the “magic wash” (7:1 mixe of Citadel Gryphonne Sepia and Asurmen Blue) I gave the ork’s skin a light wash to glaze the skin making sure it didn’t pool in any area.
With the new skin it looks darker than my old method (which was Goblin Green based) and gives a tougher appearance to my boyz. I’ll post more up as I finish them as well as the finished Runts pictures which are now based but missing a Runtherd.

Posted: March 16, 2012 at 2:31 pm

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