Ork Skin Tutorial

I thought i’d share a tutorial on how I paint Ork’s skin quickly. To start heres a list of what I use:
Citadel Snot Green (no longer available you could use Vallejo Game color equivalent)
Citadel Rotting Flesh (same again)
Citadel Thraka Green (You could use the new Biel Tan Green or Vallejos Dark Green Wash)
Custom mix “Magic” wash (80% Gryphonne Sepia 20% Asurmen Blue)

Stage 1:
Paint the skin Snot Green, don’t worry too much about it looking patchy that will all be covered later.
Stage 2:
Wash the mini with Thrakka Green, apply it heavily so it defines the muscles.


Note how the recesses now are shaded.

Stage 3:
Paint the raised areas such as muscles and parts of face with Snot Green, it’s in this stage that the patchy nature of the paint is lost.


Sorry for the blurry picture.

Stage 4:
Time to highlight, mix a 50:50 mix of Snot green and Rotting flesh then fine line the muscles and ridges on the face, be careful at this stage and if you slip rub the paint off quickly.


See how I've highlighted the face leaving the ridges above the teeth.

Stage 5:
Final stage and “Magic” wash time. Glaze the miniature by applying a small amount of the wash, the brush should only be slightly wet with the wash. Apply it to all areas.


The Ork is now dirtied down and has more definition.

As I mention under the picture this really helps define the ork and dirties down the flesh and tones in the line highlight. All you have to do now is add your Clan colours to it and away you go!
Hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial 🙂

Posted: April 8, 2012 at 11:00 am

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