A few random thoughts.

photo4  So I haven’t done any painting yet even though I said I would try. Problem is I have painters block and with so many minis around me I can’t decide what to paint. So what can I do? Do I paint the orks waiting to my right or the Trollbloods also to my right? It’s a tricky question, or do I go into the lead pile in the garage and try and find something else? Aaargh!
Luckily I’m not having the same trouble with gaming, recently I was introduced to the all new Iron Kingdoms RPG system by my cousin, which is a great system set in a awesome gaming world. If you’ve no clue about the world it is the same one as Warmachine and Hordes (hence the bonejack).
Currently I’m playing as a Trollkin Bounty Hunter/ Rifleman called Vorluck and I’m enjoying it immensely. Another game I’m playing right now is X-Wing by Fantasy Flight. It’s a superb little game of ship to ship combat in the Star Wars universe. The thing I love about it is that you really have to out think your opponent to win otherwise you’re toast, the basic game comes with everything you need to start playing including counters, movement markers and best of all an X-Wing and two T.I.E Fighters. The ships are pre-painted and look awesome, and just to indulge myself I also have Boba Fett’s Slave 1.

So gaming wise I’m sorted out it’s just getting myself to pick up a brush again, oh and I’m tempted to start playing Warmachine again but that’s another story…

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