Necromunda Sale


It’s with a heavy heart I say fare-thee-well to what has been my favourite Games Workshop game: Necromunda. It’s due to GW’s neglect and decision to stop production on the miniatures and game which has pre-empted the sale. So if you shhot over to Ebay and you have a hankering for some Necromunda minis or magazines you may just see yourself in with a bit of luck.

Heres the link:

Yes my Redemptionists and Goliaths are up for sale as will all my stashed minis such as the rare as rocking horse poop Sniper miniature (when I strip him).

So it’s with fond memories I say goodbye and good luck to my minis and thank you to Necromunda, a better game will never come out of GW.

Posted: June 29, 2013 at 11:11 am

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