A couple of things…

I’ll start with the fact that yesterday we got script kiddied again, some shit added malicious code to 3 files in the site so if your computer is acting up since the 16th of March do a virus scan. I have fixed the problem and notified the host of which files have been attacked so they can do a traceroute on the IP of the people who did this.

Secondly i’ve done a little painting on a second Gobbledigook miniature, unlike the one in my gallery this one hasn’t got a Nibblit with him so I had to do some sculpting. You’ll have to excuse the awful picture at the moment I will replace it with a better one real soon.

He stands just under 1cm tall and is not an owl as some have suggested. 😀

This could be a start for me sculpting more and i’ll post them when I do some…if I do, lol!!!!

Posted: March 17, 2009 at 9:17 pm

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