Sunday Update! Dad’s Army Lance-Corporal Jones in Civvies

It’s my Sunday update and this week I’ve managed to get another 3 miniatures painted leaving just one Dad’s Army miniature left to finish tomorrow. Here’s the latest mini; Lance-Corporal Jack Jones:


All that is left is ARP Warden Hodges in his civvies and that is it!
Also this week I’ve been gaming, playing some Deadzone from Mantic with my friend Dan, he’s been using Rebs and I’ve got Forge Fathers.

As you can see Dan has done a great job painting the terrain and that none of our minis are painted (naughty!). It was a cracking game, unfortunately for Dan he was rolling all his 8’s when he didn’t need to and I ended up winning.
When we play a few more games I’ll try and post pictures from them.
As always thanks for looking and see you tomorrow!

Posted: February 15, 2015 at 8:20 pm

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