Basing Tutorial

Please note that this is an old tutorial and will be updated to replace GW’s paints with either modern alternatives or Cote d’Arms alternatives soon.

Basing Tutorial by Lonewolf

A couple of people asked me about my bases so I thought I’d do a little tutorial for anyone who’s interested.

(Please note VGC=Vallejo Game Color, GW=Games Workshop)

step 1.

apply PVA glue to the base and add your sand/rocks/ballast.

allow it to dry thoroughly. (very important)



Step 2.

Undercoat the base black.



Step 3.

Heavily stipple (like drybrushing but jab the point of the paintbrush not drawing it across the model) a coat of VGC Cobra Leather.



Step 4.

Lightly stipple a coat of VGC Plague Brown over the Cobra Leather allowing some to show through.

Step 5.

Lightly drybrush VGC Bonewhite over the edges of the rocks.

Step 6.

a final white highlight is drybrushed over the highest points.

Step 7.

mix 3 drops of brown ink with 1 drop of VGC Golden Yellow and 1 drop of VGC Goblin Green.

Water this mixture down and wash it over the rocks.

allow to dry.

Step 8.

Heavily drybrush the sand (ground) GW Scorched Brown.

it doesn’t matter if some gets on the edges of the rocks as it represents dirt anyway. 😉

Step 9.

Drybrush GW Graveyard Earth over the sand.

Step 10.

Lightly drybrush GW Bubonic Brown in patches on the Sand.

Step 11.

Just a final Highlight of bone white around the Bubonic brown areas to dull down the “Yellowness”.

Step 12.

Tidy up the edge of the base with some Chaos Black.

Step 13.

Add your preferred choice of vegetation static grass, foliage etc.

I highly recommend the Woodland Scenics range of basing materials.

I use the Light green course turf and the Green blend Blended Turf.

There you go 13 steps to an easy base that can add a lot to a mini.

Hope this helps some of you out there.

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