Quickpaint: Grotz

Recently GW has released the new Runtherd and Grots box, its a great little set with 10 grotz and 1 runtherd. Problem is in 40k you need to have a LOT of these little buggers to make a difference, a unit of 30 is usually about the right size to make an impact. But how do you go about getting 30 painted quickly? It seems like a daunting task, but as I found out while painting the Stompa it’s not that hard to churn out Grots quickly and still have what looks like a decent gaming paint job.

First of all i’ll detail you in on what you need for the task and then we’ll get around to the details.
To start off you’ll need the following;

  • 30 grots, obviously.
  • Citadel Chaos Black Spray.
  • Tools including clippers, plastic glue and craft knife.
  • good quality brushes with pointed tips( I recommend em4miniatures brushes).
  • Citadel Foundation Paints Gretchin Green
  • Citadel Foundation Paints Deneb Stone
  • Citadel Foundation Paints Calthan Brown
  • Citadel Foundation Paints Iyaden Darksun*
  • Citadel Foundation Paints Mechrite Red*
  • Citadel Foundation Paints Adeptus Battlegray*
  • Citadel Paints(or Vallejo) Boltgun Metal
  • Citadel Paints(or Vallejo) Rotting Flesh
  • Citadel Paints(or Vallejo) Bleached Bone
  • Citadel Washes Gryphonne Sepia
  • Citadel Washes Devlan Mud

*These Paints are just for items such as bags, hats and shirts.

Stage 1:

We start by doing the obvious, which is removing the grots from the sprues, cleaning the miniatures up and assembling them. Remember to be careful with your craft knife while removing mould lines otherwise you can end up with a cut finger or two.

Stage 2:

Take 10 grots on a piece of hard card and spray either outside or in a well ventilated room. Keep the nozzel of the can 9-12 inches away from the miniatures when spraying. Make sure you shake the can well before using it.

Stage 3:

Now its time to apply the basic colours that will define the Grot. Using Gretchin Green as the base for the flesh,Deneb Stone for loin cloths, teeth, wristbands and foot wrappings. At this point you can use Calthan Brown, Mechrite Red or Iyaden Darksun for loincloth, hats and hair if the mini has it.
Guns, grenades and weapons are all coated in Boltgun Metal.

Stage 4:

It’s time for the fun part! Load your brush with as much Gryphonne Sepia as it can handle then start coating the mini with it, that’s right all over! Don’t worry about pooling or if it takes a short while for the Wash to dry. If you can’t wait get the hairdryer out and give it a blast. When they are dry you’ll see that the mini is now shaded and even has enough light colour coming through to act as a guide for the final stage.

Stage 5:

All we have to do now is highlight the flesh, so take 3 parts Gretchin Green and 1 part Bleached Bone or Rotting Flesh (your choice!). Now using the light colour that shines through the previous wash highlight up muscles and facial features. It’s upto you if you want to do one more highlight, if you do add one more part of the light colour you used then highlight the face and muscle but be conservative with the ammount you put on at this highlight.
When the flesh is dry get your Devlan Mud and wash the metal parts and anything you have painted Calthan Brown. And thats it! You have one quickly painted but good looking grot or grots!

Here are a few pictures of what you are aiming for:



Posted: March 1, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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