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I was bored so I decided to paint up one of my Rhino transports for my Chaos Marine force.It’s only a quick job so it’s no longer green plastic. If you’re curious the door scrolls say “Abaddon” 😀 Next up … Continue reading

Black Legionnaire 4 almost there…

Spent some time this evening painting the 4th Black Legion Marine. Now I’m just waiting on the basing to dry so I can wash and drybrush it. I’ll finish him tomorrow and get started on the next Marine. Cheers!

Chaos Marines!

I’ve updated the gallery with a few more images including 2 of my Black Legion Chaos Marines. Just below is the Aspiring Champion almost finished. Just waiting on his base to dry then I’ll wash and drybrush it. Thanks!

An aside while I ruminate on the weekend.

I didn’t think it would happen again, honestly. I said never again. I wasn’t intending on going back. Well I did, it happened. I got back into 40k. I have been putting it off for a long time, well since … Continue reading