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Lootas..or How I hate Lootas!

One of the great mistakes of painting minis is in the assembly and one thing I promised I’d never do was assemble fully a figure that would be a pain in the backside to paint. Well I broke my promise to myself two years ago when I assembled my lootaz for an Apocalypse game. Needless […]

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Orkmas!

Going back a few months when I was working on the Ork-a-day project I never thought I would actually get anywhere with the Ork army, now it’s almost Christmas and not only have I got a display cabinet full of fully painted Orks but there are more on the way. So come new year and […]

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More sculpt pictures and Stompa work.

As promised heres a better picture of Gobbledigook’s best mate Nibblit; Also for you lot is the (almost complete) Stompa I made. I’ll have pictures of the finished Gobbledigook by the end of the week.

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Been very busy this week painting Ork Boyz for my 30 ork strong Shoota unit for Warhammer 40k. Got 5 done this week and when the wife is back at work i’ll get (hopefully) another 10 done. The unit is upto 8 painted boys so only another 22 to do, which isn’t a lot when […]

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A stompa…again!

Well what with the release of the new stompa from Games Workshop being less than a month away, I was inspired to churn out another design for a new stompa, i’m no way decrying Gw’s Stompa…oh no! I’ll be having one of those as well. Just wanted to make another stompa out of my remaining […]

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