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Warlord Games StuG III Ausf G

Unboxing the Rubicon StuG III Ausf G

Unboxing Warlord’s Puma

Unboxing the Cromwell

Next video done in my unboxing series, hope you enjoy it!

First Unboxing Video!

The title says it all, hope you enjoy it! This time it’s thanks for watching!

The Result!

As I mentioned I went to the Black Dragon tournament for bolt Action this Saturday just gone. First of all I’d like to say thank you to the guys at Black Dragon for hosting such a friendly event from their … Continue reading

No Game but here’s a Universal Carrier…

There was no game this week so the Bat-rep is on hold for the moment. I’ve been busy painting ready for the Black Dragon Bolt Action Tournament #2 this weekend, nothing too fancy just troops painted quickly with base colours … Continue reading

I’m back!

After injuring my back I’ve had a bit of time to recuperate and have now got 3 more Ork bikers done for the commission. One of them does have a left arm for a right arm (nothing to do with … Continue reading

It’s a bit quiet!

There’s not been much to report on the hobby front this week apart from a game of Bolt Action against Jez from Jez’s Painting Blog (which I lost!). I am currently painting and repainting some figures on commission so once … Continue reading

Sunday Update…Update!

Ok, did a bit of painting and got another British Soldier done for my Bolt Action army. He’s only a quick test job like the others and once the last mini is done for the unit I’ll base them all … Continue reading