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Necromunda Goliath Ganger #1 Finished!!

Ok so I actually painted a little faster and got into the swing of things with this Ganger. He’s gone from 10% done to 100% I am REALLY enjoying painting these minis, so the next one is on the painting handle ready for the flesh to be painted on him tomorrow. Cheers!

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Goliath Leader Finished!

As the title suggests, I have actually finished the Goliath leader for my gang “The Brassnecks”, his name is to be confirmed later. I’m happy with how he has turned out and I’m looking forward to taking another picture of him via the new light box that’s winging it’s way to me. He’s been really […]

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Marauder back up!

I’ve finished the Stunt Bot and taken a picture of two Marauder Goran Auxiliaries I finished. I’ll be priming more minis when the hurricane has passed fully. The army is coming along now, I’m looking at painting more Orx Commandos next. Cheers!

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Ripper suits are done!

Here’s the final gallery images for the Ripper suits that I finished. Both are ready now to serve in my Warpath Marauder army. Thanks for looking!

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1st Brokkr Trooper Final

Hi all! Have managed to finish the Brokkr trooper for Deadzone this evening. I’m quite happy with how he’s turned out especially the skin. You might notice that there’s a scar on his head, that’s because some idiot called Simon forgot to clean the mini up before he undercoated them! So that’s now 2 Brokkrs […]

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Chief Brokkr Final

Have finished my first miniature in over 6 months, the Chief Brokkr is in the gallery and ready to be shown: I’ll be starting on another Brokkr in the next few days. Thanks for looking!

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Sunday non-Update!

No painting to update on sadly, just a quick post to say “bye” to my Orks who are going to a new home tomorrow Over the many years of ownership of my Waaagh they have served me well with an overwhelming 21 wins with only 3 losses. So you may wonder why I’m letting them […]

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Cromwell Complete with Commander.

Early update than anticipated, I’ve done the Tank Commander for the Cromwell! There is an even better view of the Commander in the next picture: I am really happy with the way the whole tank has turned out and will be assembling my other Cromwell soon. On the painting desk next are the British Troops […]

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Cromwell W.I.P 5: Main tank complete!

Well I’ve managed to finish off the Cromwell, just need to add the Tank Commander now. Luckily I have one waiting courtesy of Warlord Games who sent me a pack of 4 to replace the missing one from my Sherman Firefly kit. As you can see I decided to scuzz up the tracks and such […]

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Sunday Update

Well it’s been almost a week since I finished off the Dad’s Army miniatures and there is a group shot of them in their uniforms as well as the Vicar and Verger, photos aren’t great as I’m now getting used to the new light box I brought and need to set the camera up for […]

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