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Necromunda Goliath Ganger #5 W.I.P #2

Quick update as I’ve got the reds done, still not overly happy with him but with me painting the golds next I may cheer up a bit 😀 I’ll be following this guy with my least favourite Goliath: The Krumper … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #5 W.I.P #1

Haven’t been as sure on this mini as I have about the finished flesh, but I may well change my mind come completion. I’ll be doing more work tonight and tomorrow during the day. Cheers!

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #4 – Final, and Gallery Update!

I’ve finished the 4th Goliath Ganger now and uploaded him to the gallery, but as always here’s the image of him for you to look at: As you can already see the image is a lot better than my previous … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #4 W.I.P #2

Bit more work tonight, got the reds done. Now nothing until Sunday! Time for a small break, but I’ll update Sunday as promised! Cheers!!

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #4 W.I.P #1

Started the Grenade launcher ganger today, finished the flesh. Although I will redo the under eyes as it looks a little off. Absolute git of a miniature to get to the details with due to weapon arms and suspensors blocking … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #3 – Finished!

Another one done! I’m happy to show you the final image of the 3rd Ganger for my gang “The Brassnecks”. Next in line is the Grenade Launcher ganger/champion. After that I’ll have to wait for good weather again to spray … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #3 W.I.P #3

Onto the final stretch, just the base to go then he’s done! More tomorrow! Cheers!

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #3 W.I.P #2

Just a quick update this time, got the golds and reds done, will fill you all in on colours used later after I work a bit more on him. Cheers!

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #3 W.I.P #1

Spent a while painting up the flesh on the 3rd of the Gangers for my Necromunda gang “The Brassnecks”. Followed the same principle painting as the last ganger which was the following: Base – Bugmans Glow Shade – Reikland Fleshshade … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #2 Final

Finished earlier than originally thought, here’s the second of my gangers from my Goliath Gang. Next mini is on the paint handle ready for Sunday. Cheers!