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More ork…I mean work!

Doing my best to keep you updated of my workload and what i’ve done over the past few days, first up I started work on a Killa Kan before finishing off a Ork Nob for my Nob unit. Got a … Continue reading

Been caught painting!

Well I said I would paint more minis, but it’s under different circumstances to what I actually said. Rather than use my new prescription glasses which seem to give me good long distance viewing but unfocused close up, I chose … Continue reading


He’s small and green, got a bad temper and a mate who is a little squiggly thingie. Theres only one grumpy gobbo who fits the bill and I present with much adoration of his Gobbyness… …Gobbledigook!

Grot Tutorial is up!

As the title says the Grot quickpaint tutorial is up, hope its some help!

Grotz, in a jiffy!

Been spending a little time at my local Games Workshop and spent my time painting Grotz, as I have a lot of them to do I wanted to figure out a quick way of painting them that would still leave … Continue reading