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Game night!

I thought I would share a couple of photo’s from tonight’s game of Mars Attacks which I picked up at Mantic’s open day a few weeks ago. The game is easy to pick up and play, it’s been compared to a stripped down version of Deadzone but without the problems that come up with Initiative. […]

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Timely Update!

It’s almost been a month since the last update, sorry about that! I have been painting, mainly Ork Bikers (I now see them in my sleep 😀 ), I’ve also painted (very quickly) some of my British troops for Bolt Action using base colours and Army Painter strong tone ink. Another reason it’s been a […]

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Sunday Update! Dad’s Army Lance-Corporal Jones in Civvies

It’s my Sunday update and this week I’ve managed to get another 3 miniatures painted leaving just one Dad’s Army miniature left to finish tomorrow. Here’s the latest mini; Lance-Corporal Jack Jones: All that is left is ARP Warden Hodges in his civvies and that is it! Also this week I’ve been gaming, playing some […]

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Sunday Update.

As promised here’s the Sunday update: All in all I’ve now only got 10 miniatures left to do out of the 18 I started with meaning I’ve been almost as active as the Ork-A-Day project of 2012/2013. All ten are cleaned, prepped and based, and five are now undercoated (my spray ran out at the […]

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Dreadball Orx

Hi all, just finished painting a Orx for the ever popular Dreadball game, this is my first foray into the game and is a slight break from Cryxian painting. Once again I’ll take better photos when I get my lighting sorted out. Cheers for looking!

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Warpath Open Day

Had a great time this Saturday just gone at Mantic Towers in Nottingham for the Warpath Open Day. Got to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making it such a great event to attend. Golem Painting Studios held a great painting seminar which has helped me pick up a few speed painting […]

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Getting back on the bike again!

Hiya all, the website seems to be sorted and back to working health. So I thought i’d share a w.i.p with you all to show that i’ve once again picked up a brush in anger 🙂 I used the Ork skin spray from Army Painter which I brought along with some of the new Mantic […]

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