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Necromunda Goliath Ganger #6 W.I.P #3

Even though I dislike him, he’s actually coming together. Not too much to do to him after the metal is finished. As I said, he’s not looking too bad now other colours have been put on him, at least he’ll … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #6 W.I.P #2

And the reds are done, golds are next. Definitely not one of my favourites, he’ll do though! The “Krumper” is going to be awkward to paint due to its general design, I will probably make it very rusty as it’s … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #6 W.I.P #1

Oh how I dislike this mini! Smug grin, crap weapon, and most of all a pain in the arse to paint the flesh on! As I post this I’m waiting on the Nuln Oil wash to dry on the reds, … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #5 – Final

He’s done! I’m a lot happier with him now that all the colours are on and tied in. The gang’s shaping up nicely now and tomorrow I’ll try (and I mean try) to get a group shot of them. So … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #5 W.I.P #3 & #4

Having updated my Facebook page with these updates I thought I had better add them here. Almost on the home stretch now, just the base to finish! Cheers!

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #5 W.I.P #2

Quick update as I’ve got the reds done, still not overly happy with him but with me painting the golds next I may cheer up a bit 😀 I’ll be following this guy with my least favourite Goliath: The Krumper … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #5 W.I.P #1

Haven’t been as sure on this mini as I have about the finished flesh, but I may well change my mind come completion. I’ll be doing more work tonight and tomorrow during the day. Cheers!

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #4 – Final, and Gallery Update!

I’ve finished the 4th Goliath Ganger now and uploaded him to the gallery, but as always here’s the image of him for you to look at: As you can already see the image is a lot better than my previous … Continue reading

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #4 W.I.P #2

Bit more work tonight, got the reds done. Now nothing until Sunday! Time for a small break, but I’ll update Sunday as promised! Cheers!!

Necromunda Goliath Ganger #4 W.I.P #1

Started the Grenade launcher ganger today, finished the flesh. Although I will redo the under eyes as it looks a little off. Absolute git of a miniature to get to the details with due to weapon arms and suspensors blocking … Continue reading