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1st Brokkr Trooper Final

Hi all! Have managed to finish the Brokkr trooper for Deadzone this evening. I’m quite happy with how he’s turned out especially the skin. You might notice that there’s a scar on his head, that’s because some idiot called Simon forgot to clean the mini up before he undercoated them! So that’s now 2 Brokkrs […]

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Hi all, I know I’ve been quiet on the updates for the past 2 months this has been due to me attending a few LARP events and not having enough time or content to actually post up. I’m currently back painting Orks for commission and will photograph a few when I have finished more of […]

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Dad’s Army: The Verger

Another Dad’s Army mini down, this time (as the title suggests) it’s the Verger with his ever present scowl: The black is done as a cheat method which is using Vallejo Model Color Black Grey as a base then washing the areas that are meant to be black with a 50/50 mix of Games Workshop […]

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ARP Warden Hodges, Dad’s Army Lot 1: DONE!

Here’s Capt. Mainwaring’s bane, Warden Hodges: With Hodges done, that’s the first 8 minis painted and out of the way. Now All I have left is the Vicar, Verger, Hodges in Civvies and the Troop in Civvies. After using a small cheat method to paint the black on Hodges I’m now happy and ready for […]

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Private Pike

Same rant again about washed out photos…grrr! Here’s Private Pike (stupid boy!) Thanks for looking again, I’ll be picking up a new light set up ASAP so most of these pictures will be updated.

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Private Godfrey and a bit of a rant.

First up here’s the finished Private Godfrey from the Dad’s Army set: Next on the agenda is a little rant about my current lighting predicament. I really must sort this out as the quality of pictures I’ve been posting really do not show the miniatures I’ve been painting in a good light. The colour gets […]

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Another Mechanithrall

I’ve now almost finished the Mechanithrall unit of 6, with only basing to do to finish the minis. Heres a quick piccie of one of the last minis: Got some good news in that I’m getting a lamp soon and should be buying an Optivisor for my failing eyes 😀

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Happy Valentines! Sort of!

Not the usual Valentine’s Day thing but here are a few more Orks to show I’ve been busy-ish… First up heres the Big Mek (now finished and based) And secondly here’s another Ork Biker: I should be working on more…should! I’ve got on the blocks Mad Dok Grotsnik, more Bikers, and some Chaos Marines. Lets […]

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Ork-a-day Days 5&6

For days 5 and 6 of the Ork-a-day Project I tried something new…namely the new Citadel paints Ork skin Palette. I think they are ok and are just right for painting massed units with no break in colour or tone. Judge for yourself here are the pictures. One more Ork for this unit to go, […]

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Been caught painting!

Well I said I would paint more minis, but it’s under different circumstances to what I actually said. Rather than use my new prescription glasses which seem to give me good long distance viewing but unfocused close up, I chose to wear my old glasses and get on with painting. The picture that follows is […]

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