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Ork-a-day Days 5&6

For days 5 and 6 of the Ork-a-day Project I tried something new…namely the new Citadel paints Ork skin Palette. I think they are ok and are just right for painting massed units with no break in colour or tone. Judge for yourself here are the pictures. One more Ork for this unit to go, […]

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Been caught painting!

Well I said I would paint more minis, but it’s under different circumstances to what I actually said. Rather than use my new prescription glasses which seem to give me good long distance viewing but unfocused close up, I chose to wear my old glasses and get on with painting. The picture that follows is […]

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Finally! We are in!

That’s right we have finally got our new home sorted and i’m now getting my “man-cave” in order to begin doing hobby and Art related stuff. It’s a huge relief as we thought that it wasn’t going to happen due to solicitors and banks dragging their feet. I’ve got an urge to get my Uncharted […]

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