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I’m back!

After injuring my back I’ve had a bit of time to recuperate and have now got 3 more Ork bikers done for the commission. One of them does have a left arm for a right arm (nothing to do with … Continue reading


As some of you know I suffer with not only mental health issues but a bad case of Sciatica, which for those of you who don’t know is a bad back condition caused by nerves getting trapped. It causes all … Continue reading

Commission Orks 2, AKA The missing Sunday Update.

Well it’s a day late as I’ve not felt very well for a few days so here is the picture of the 3rd Ork biker that I have repainted for commission. I should be back to painting as of tomorrow … Continue reading

Commission Orks 1

Back with an update, I’m now 3 Ork Bikers into the commission I can show off two but the third I need to get signed off first before I can show him.   All are repaints as I’m not able … Continue reading

Sunday Blog.

Not really a painting update merely a quick blog. It’s been a busy week here what with playing a 750 point Bolt Action game as well as having the scenery arrive for it on the day of the battle. With … Continue reading

Sunday non-Update!

No painting to update on sadly, just a quick post to say “bye” to my Orks who are going to a new home tomorrow Over the many years of ownership of my Waaagh they have served me well with an … Continue reading

Happy Valentines! Sort of!

Not the usual Valentine’s Day thing but here are a few more Orks to show I’ve been busy-ish… First up heres the Big Mek (now finished and based) And secondly here’s another Ork Biker: I should be working on more…should! … Continue reading

I’m back again!

Had a short batch of painting block which is now hopefully a thing of the past! I’ve got two more Ork Boys to add to the unit I’m expanding which now puts it’s tally up to 15. I’m still hoping … Continue reading

Happy New Year! AKA More Orks!

Happy New Year folks! To bring in this new year I’ve two W.I.P Ork Boys that will be added to the unit that was painted a few months ago. So here we go with the first boy! and here’s the … Continue reading

Lootas Group Shot

Here’s the final Lootas picture for a while, it’s all 5 based and ready to game with. I’m positively glad they are done and dusted 😀 Happy Christmas!