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As some of you know I suffer with not only mental health issues but a bad case of Sciatica, which for those of you who don’t know is a bad back condition caused by nerves getting trapped. It causes all sorts of woes from not being able to walk to loss of sleep. Why am […]

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Update on Health.

As I posted previously, I’ve not been in the best health as of late what with constant headaches and being sick Tuesday. I’m on the mend and should be painting again on Sunday. Keep checking back I may update sooner if possible. Thanks!

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Commission Orks 2, AKA The missing Sunday Update.

Well it’s a day late as I’ve not felt very well for a few days so here is the picture of the 3rd Ork biker that I have repainted for commission. I should be back to painting as of tomorrow as I should have shook off this evil headache I’ve had. Thanks again!

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Commission Orks 1

Back with an update, I’m now 3 Ork Bikers into the commission I can show off two but the third I need to get signed off first before I can show him.   All are repaints as I’m not able to strip them due to some greenstuff work on them. I’m painting them to an […]

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It’s a bit quiet!

There’s not been much to report on the hobby front this week apart from a game of Bolt Action against Jez from Jez’s Painting Blog (which I lost!). I am currently painting and repainting some figures on commission so once they are done I will take photos and show you all! Thanks for dropping by!

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Sunday Update…Update!

Ok, did a bit of painting and got another British Soldier done for my Bolt Action army. He’s only a quick test job like the others and once the last mini is done for the unit I’ll base them all up. Thanks again!

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Sunday Blog.

Not really a painting update merely a quick blog. It’s been a busy week here what with playing a 750 point Bolt Action game as well as having the scenery arrive for it on the day of the battle. With that I’ve had no time to paint. I feel like a case of painter’s block […]

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Cromwell Complete with Commander.

Early update than anticipated, I’ve done the Tank Commander for the Cromwell! There is an even better view of the Commander in the next picture: I am really happy with the way the whole tank has turned out and will be assembling my other Cromwell soon. On the painting desk next are the British Troops […]

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Cromwell W.I.P 5: Main tank complete!

Well I’ve managed to finish off the Cromwell, just need to add the Tank Commander now. Luckily I have one waiting courtesy of Warlord Games who sent me a pack of 4 to replace the missing one from my Sherman Firefly kit. As you can see I decided to scuzz up the tracks and such […]

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Cromwell Tank W.I.P 4

A quick update on the Cromwell tank. I’ve got the tracks, road wheels chipping and mud done. I might yet add some yellow earth weathering powder in to make it look really scuzzy! The mud mixture was Vallejo Sandy Paste mixed in with Vallejo Model Color Panzer Aces German Camo Black Brown. All that is […]

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