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Wolverhampton WMMS Alumwell Show

It’s been a good day over at Aldersley Leisure Village for this years WMMS Alumwell Show. I went with Dan my usual gaming opponent with the idea of picking up some scenery for Bolt Action. This year the show didn’t disappoint on any level! There was plenty to see and do, with plenty of participation […]

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So that’s how many?

Well i’ve finally done it, I finally painted my big 40k Ork boy unit. Although I’ve only done 20 of them at the moment that is more than enough for now. To be honest it was the painting of that unit that started my slide away from wanting to paint, i’d look at the mass […]

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Finally! We are in!

That’s right we have finally got our new home sorted and i’m now getting my “man-cave” in order to begin doing hobby and Art related stuff. It’s a huge relief as we thought that it wasn’t going to happen due to solicitors and banks dragging their feet. I’ve got an urge to get my Uncharted […]

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The Terror of Updating

Blimey, some may have noticed that the site was “down for maintenance”, this was primarily due to me being a tit and messing with the updater before it had finished. WordPress being wordpress, made it really simple to fix with a quick lock onto the FTP program and a upload of the files again and […]

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