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Well, sort of!I’ve started on my first Obliterator and got past painting the gold, blocking the black back in and starting blocking the flesh. That was all before my back pain stopped me. It’s been getting progressively worse for a … Continue reading


I was bored so I decided to paint up one of my Rhino transports for my Chaos Marine force.It’s only a quick job so it’s no longer green plastic. If you’re curious the door scrolls say “Abaddon” 😀 Next up … Continue reading

Despoilers of the Galaxy!

“Let the Galaxy burn!” The first squad of Black Legion Chaos Marines is done! Next up should be some Obliterators, I’ll be getting them sprayed up tomorrow weather permitting. Cheers!

Black Legionnaire #4 Finished!

I’ve posted him over in the gallery. If you’re strapped for time, here his is: He’s now ready to join his Traitorous brothers in battle in the 41st Millenium.

Black Legionnaire 4 almost there…

Spent some time this evening painting the 4th Black Legion Marine. Now I’m just waiting on the basing to dry so I can wash and drybrush it. I’ll finish him tomorrow and get started on the next Marine. Cheers!

Chaos Rising!

SO after today’s earlier post I finished off the Aspiring Chaos Champion and started a 4th Chaos Marine. The 4th Chaos Marine is armed with a boltgun and will be being worked on over the next few days when I … Continue reading

Chaos Marines!

I’ve updated the gallery with a few more images including 2 of my Black Legion Chaos Marines. Just below is the Aspiring Champion almost finished. Just waiting on his base to dry then I’ll wash and drybrush it. Thanks!

WH40k Board in Brum tournament.

Had no time for painting anything for the past few days, just assembling more minis for my Chaos army as well as a full team of Goblins for Blood Bowl. This weekend is a Warhammer 40k Tournament which is being … Continue reading

An aside while I ruminate on the weekend.

I didn’t think it would happen again, honestly. I said never again. I wasn’t intending on going back. Well I did, it happened. I got back into 40k. I have been putting it off for a long time, well since … Continue reading

I’m back!

After injuring my back I’ve had a bit of time to recuperate and have now got 3 more Ork bikers done for the commission. One of them does have a left arm for a right arm (nothing to do with … Continue reading