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Another day, another Loota

Told you I was determined to get the 5 Orks done 😀 No doubt there will be an update again either tomorrow or Sunday. Ta for now!

Oh no! It’s Another Loota!

Been slightly busy and I’m determined to get the unit of 5 done before Christmas actually hits, so here is Loota number 3!     Now you may have noticed the site is running a little slowly, this is probably … Continue reading

Another Loota

They are the bane of my existence and I’ve got too many assembled but I am pushing through with painting them and here’s the second Loota for you to see.     So that’s Loota number 2 done, just needs … Continue reading

Lootas..or How I hate Lootas!

One of the great mistakes of painting minis is in the assembly and one thing I promised I’d never do was assemble fully a figure that would be a pain in the backside to paint. Well I broke my promise … Continue reading

It’s beginning to look a lot like Orkmas!

Going back a few months when I was working on the Ork-a-day project I never thought I would actually get anywhere with the Ork army, now it’s almost Christmas and not only have I got a display cabinet full of … Continue reading

More Meganobs!

Just dropping by with another update, this time there’s two more Meganobs which brings the unit total up to 3 and makes it a valid 40k unit. I’ll be needing them after the mullering I got at the hands of … Continue reading


Blunt title I know but here as promised is the first of the Meganobs to arrive 😀 As always thanks for looking!

Here come the Orks!

As promised earlier here are some of the Orky bitz I’ve been painting: Hope you like them, will be adding more to them to fill out the display cabinet. Next up are a few Nobs and then Mega Armoured Nobs.

Good News!

After a long tenure of being ill, I’m back! Basically my bad back has for months made it almost impossible for me to relax enough to pick up minis and brushes, but it has eased off and i’ve been painting … Continue reading

Ork-a-day Week 5 Day 5

As I mentioned yesterday I had one Stormboy left to paint, well he’s now done and ready for showing! With him done that completes week 5 and leaves 10 more Stormboys to assemble then paint (I brought some more). I’ve … Continue reading