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It’s been a bit quiet recently…

The title says it all really, I’ve not had much to post about as I haven’t painted anything for a while. My excuse is that the summer has just been too hot for me…well that is what I’m sticking to anyway 😀 I have been playing more games of Warmachine and took part in the […]

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New addition…sort of!

Well the Cryx army will have a new addition in the next few weeks with the Kickstarter exclusive Aiakos Scourge of the Meridius mini coming my way from Ebay. Yes I paid a little more than I wanted but it’ll be nice to have the miniature for myself and get to use and paint the […]

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Bane Thralls 3

Been busy on the Cryx Bane Thralls and the basic work on the whole unit is now done ready for the Journeyman League at Warlords of Walsall. I started to do some more work to the unit leader first so that he stands out, got a bit left to do on him but at the […]

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Bane Thralls 2

I’ve been busy painting up the Bane Thralls quickly for use in the Warlords of Walsall Journeyman League. I’ve now got 5 completed and 1 1/2 done. The fifth one was painted using a visual aid called an Optivisor, now some of you already know what that is for those that don’t it’s a head […]

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Bane Thralls

Just a quick update on what I’m upto. I’ve just got a box of the new plastic Bane Thralls and have got to say for resin/plastic they are very good, they fit together nicely and have primered up well. I’ve actually got one done and ready for basing, so I’ll try and get a photo […]

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Another Asphyxious picture

Slightly better light this time. Thanks again for viewing!

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Finished Asphyxious

Having just reworked the OSL slightly I’m now posting the first photo of pGaspy for you to look at. He looks a lot better in real life than this photo so I really need to sort my lamp out and get back to taking some new photos of the miniatures I have recently painted up. […]

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pGaspy (That’s Asphyxious to you!) W.I.P

Been off the paints for a few days and got the itch to paint up pGaspy for my Cryx army. Enjoyed what I’ve done so far, and since the picture was taken I have finished the main paint job on him (just one wash to go on to tone down his robes). Anyway here’s Asphyxious: […]

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Another Mechanithrall

I’ve now almost finished the Mechanithrall unit of 6, with only basing to do to finish the minis. Heres a quick piccie of one of the last minis: Got some good news in that I’m getting a lamp soon and should be buying an Optivisor for my failing eyes 😀

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Two more Mechanithralls WIP

Two more Works in Progress here with the Mechanithrall unit gaining two more members. I’ll post the finished unit up when I have the new lamp. Sorry about the terrible photos once again I’m playing with settings on the camera until I can get the new light.

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